We offer 4 qualities of Shea butter from our organic and fair trade sectors:

Organic and Fair Trade Raw "Classic" Shea Butter

It is a "raw" butter, just made from the shea kernel that is mechanically pressed, it is then essentially filtered. The almonds from which this butter originates come from the wild collection areas that we generally reserve for our "Premium" butter, but also cooperatives of collectors who cultivate in organic farming Cotton, Sesame or Hibiscus under Shea trees. We select it to give you the best value in odor and chemical quality for a raw shea butter.

Organic and Fair Trade Raw Shea Butter "slightly deodorized"

Traditionally, shea butter is extracted by churning by making an emulsion with crushed almonds and water. The butter is then washed and then dried for several hours of cooking. This operation also partially deodorizes the butter. Unfortunately, the water evaporating only partially,
churned butter always contains a quantity of residual water which contributes to the deterioration of the butter and to its rapid rancidity. In addition, cooking the butter contributes to the degradation of active ingredients essential to the virtues expected of a premium shea butter.


Also, we have sought to regain the quality of a butter that has just been washed and can be stored for a long time, so we now offer you this "slightly deodorized" butter thanks to controlled steam washing and vacuum drying. This process makes it possible to preserve all the qualities of a raw butter with a completely controlled olfactory level.

Derived from a "Classic" shea butter, this "slightly deodorized" shea butter is in fact very close to our "Premium" butter.

Organic and Fair Trade Raw "Premium" Shea Butter

It is extracted from a selection of our best wild shea kernels. Collected in the forest savannahs of Burkina Faso, territories of African elephants and red monkeys, these almonds offer a concentrate of nature. For this butter, we have developed an exclusive extraction process which guarantees the preservation of all the plant active ingredients contained in the shea kernels. This butter is particularly neutral on the olfactory and chemical level. It is intended to be incorporated into the most demanding natural cosmetics based on Shea.

Organic and Fair Trade Refined Shea Butter

Our Refined Shea Butter is butter that has been neutralized, bleached, deodorized and degummed. It is offered to you to meet the strictest criteria of food and cosmetic laboratories in terms of physical and chemical characteristics. He benefits from the knowledge make European in terms of refining and standardization and allows you to combine sourcing as close as possible to the origin with a refined material guaranteeing the quality of your best recipes or formulations.

 All of these qualities are also available in conventional shea butter from non-certified almonds or in organic conversion.